Doubling Down on Double Wedding Ring

So far I’ve only posted about museum exhibits and the work of a very accomplished artist, so I’m a little hesitant to share some of my own craft creations on here, but I’m very excited about my current project (and, it had to happen sometime!). I’m a member of the NYC Metro Mod Quilters guild, and they’re leading a Double Wedding Ring Challenge this fall (deadline is Dec. 1—hurry!).

I wasn’t planning to do the challenge initially, because I don’t really care for Double Wedding Ring quilts; they always look super traditional to me. But I do like the challenge of sewing curves. So, I decided to try to come up with something wild, crazy and very modern. The pink fabric is a “dusty” pink version of Roman Glass, by Kaffe Fassett (whom I’m pretty obsessed with—more to come on him). The fabric for the inside panels and the squares is from an old skirt that was my mom’s—it’s Gene Ewing BIS. From what I’ve found on Google, he made a lot of crazy-printed, elastic-waisted fashion in the ’80s (rock on!). I will be sad to have used up that fabric, but then again, there’s always more gorgeous fabric to be had for this shopaholic!

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